Hi, this is Julia. Welcome to my world of motion ;)
I grew up in Shanghai, China, and am currently studying at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC for my MFA in Computer Arts.
I create 2D and 3D motion graphics and character animations, utilizing hand-drawn methods and computer software. My inspiration often comes from my cultural background and real-life experiences. As a Virgo, I am always dedicated to personal feelings and love to bring these emotions to life with my fresh aesthetic and storytelling ability. I believe animation is one of the best ways to reflect what is happening in society and has a healing quality towards people’s mental worlds.
I have worked as a motion graphics design intern with the Research Team at Adobe and was selected for several exhibitions and scholarships. Outside of art, I also enjoy watching films, having deep conversations with friends, and fashion.
If you want to say hi or just have a cup of boba tea, feel free to contact me at n.juliachen@gmail.com .​​​​​​​
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